The cast of Hair, naked

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  • Ato Blankson-Wood and Allison Case

  • Ato-Blankson-Wood

  • Allison Case

  • Bryce Ryness and Megan Reinking

  • Megan Reinking

  • Bryce Ryness

  • Darius Nichols and Megan Lawrence

  • Megan Lawrence

  • (from left) Allison Guinn, Kacie Sheik and Will Swenson

  • Allison Guinn

  • Kacie Sheik

  • Will Swenson

  • (from left) Kaitlyn Kiyan and Steel Burkhardt

  • Steel Burkhardt

  • Kaitlyn Kiyan

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Photography by Dale May.

Hair, now in previews, opens Mar 31 (