The Cronut Hole Concrete happened today at Shake Shack (video)

We survey the aftermath of the cross-crossbred dessert’s single-day touchdown in Madison Square Park.

Cronut holes soon to become concretes

Cronut holes soon to become concretes Photograph: Danny Meyer/Instagram

It's official: Shake Shack in Madison Square Park has run out of Cronut Hole Concretes. (ICYMI: Dominique Ansel and Danny Meyer teamed up to offer a world-dominating hybrid of the already-hybridized pastry and custard shake for today only.) Now that the dust has settled, let's take a look at the damage.

Since only 1,000 of these butter-caramel frozen-custard shakes—blended with cinnamon-sugar cronut holes and topped with another tiny piece of fried dough for good measure—were available, folks started queuing up on this chilly day around 4am for a shot at getting one. That's six hours before the beloved burger chain even opened.

Here's a video of the massive line:

But here's something even better than that lunatic line: BuzzFeed asked people waiting in line to say what they should have been doing instead of trying to get a limited-edition dessert. Most people were skipping out on work—proving that in addition to being a slightly ridiculous trend, the cronut is potentially detrimental to NYC's economy.

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