The eight best commercials from Super Bowl 2014 (video)

From a hilarious Ellen DeGeneres appearance to a remarkably self-aware Radio Shack spot and a Microsoft ad that will make you cry, here are our picks

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The commercials for Super Bowl XLVIII had trouble getting going—just like the Denver Broncos—but at least they eventually picked up steam during the 3.5-hour spectacle (unlike you-know-who). While there were some truly awful and incomprehensible spots (i.e., Chrysler's unwise Bob Dylan–featuring ad), many of the very expensive creations did not disappoint, and often came from unexpected sources.

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Radio Shack poked fun at itself in a surprisingly cognizant clip featuring a host of '80s luminaries, Coca-Cola's multilingual ode to America stood out among a bunch of patriotic commercials, and Stephen Colbert peddled pistachios in a room decorated with portraits of himself and a bald eagle wearing a matching suit and tie by his side. Watch those and the rest of the cream of the crop below, and of course, don't miss out on the most aww-inducing ad of the game—Budweiser's "Puppy Love" cutefest—which we shared with you last week.

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