The floating East River pool is getting closer to becoming a reality

The creators of +POOL, which launched a successful Kickstarter campaign last summer, will bring a prototype to Brooklyn this spring

+ POOL project

+ POOL project

It may be hard to believe now, but soon it'll be scorching enough that a dip in a pool will seem like the most blissful experience ever. And while New York has no shortage of public swimmin' holes, none are quite as cool as the proposed +POOL. Created by design firms Family and PlayLab, the project would bring a plus-sign-shaped floating pool to the East River—and yes, it would be filled with river water. (If you're squicked out by the thought of it, don't worry—a complex filtration system will make it totally safe for swimming. Seriously.)

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, which launched last May, +POOL's creators raised enough money to build a prototype, which they plan to launch in early summer. The 35-foot structure will live in the East River (near Dumbo), and while curious onlookers won't be able to swim in it, the prototype will serve as a sort of testing ground. It'll remain in the river through the winter so that the team can test the water and see how the pool fares in different weather conditions.

Assuming that the prototype works and the team gets the go-ahead to proceed, a fully realized pool should launch in 2016. We're marking our calendars now.

(h/t NYU Local via Brooklyn Magazine)

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