The G train expands service starting today!

The city’s scrappiest line gets a much-needed upgrade

Photograph: Creative Commons/ Flickr User nilspix

Make fun if you want, but I actually love the G. For one, it's an underdog, small in size and scope. (It's the only MTA line not to dip into Manhattan, as if it were too intimidated to try life in the big city.) It's never as crowded as, say, the F, and it feels somehow exclusive and exciting when I happen to hit the platform right as a G is pulling in, like fate herself were on my side.

Admittedly, the G schedule leaves a little (okay, a lot) to be desired. Lately, the weekend sees G trains every 20 minutes, and during the week, every ten. That kind of service might fly in Des Moines or L.A., but we ain't got that kind of time here. (We invented the New York minute—ever heard of it?)

Luckily for the 125,000 busy (harried/sweaty/frizzy) New Yorkers who commute on the G every week, the MTA is increasing weekday service on the G by 25 percent starting today. That means trains every eight minutes instead of every ten. (Just think about what you can do with those extra two minutes!) In addition, they're adding PA systems to give everybody a heads-up as to where exactly the itty-bitty little train will be stopping on the platform. (Because is there anything worse than actually getting there in time for the train but almost missing it because you are completely out of shape and don't feel like running? Maybe that's just us.)

So rejoice, Brooklyn and Queens straphangers: The G just went from ghastly to great. (Or at least good.)