The guest's guide to weddings

It's not your big day, but you don't want to look stupid at the nuptials either.

Here comes the date: With the right strategy, the chick in the poofy white dress won’t be the only one getting lucky.
Well suited: What’s wrong with this picture–and what’s right? Here’s how a suit should actually fit.
The all-occasion dress: You already wore it to a wedding, now what? With a little imagination, just one dress can get you through all of your social obligations for months to come.
The cush life: Believe it or not, these shoes are all as comfy as they are cute. No really: Seek stomped around the office in some for a few days to make sure they’d last from “I do” to dancing.
No find like the present: Wedding-gift ideas for everyone from your BFF to Oscar in accounting.
Conquering the buffet: Weddings can be a diet killer, so we asked a pro for tips on how to navigate big events with an even bigger smorgasbord of food and drinks.
The move: Arm strengthening exercise
Hey, Mr. DJ: Who has the best seat in the house at a wedding? The DJ, of course. We talked to some of the best about what they like to see on the dance floor—and what can make you an unwanted YouTube star.