The happiest place in New York City: Times Square?

If you believe a Twitter study, the noisy, smelly, overcrowded, tourist trap is an oasis of positive vibes.

"Times Square" sound installation by Max Neuhaus

"Times Square" sound installation by Max Neuhaus Photograph: Jessica Lin

It may go against the typical thinking of most New Yorkers, but Times Square ranks as the happiest place in Gotham, according to a study by New England Complex Systems Institute. Researchers collected more than 600,000 tweets over a two-week period in 2012, noting the use of positive or negative emoticons relative to geography. Other high-ranking spots include green spaces, such as Central Park, Prospect Park and New York Botanical Garden. Locations that ranked at the bottom include Rikers Island, the entrance to the Midtown Tunnel (don't tweet while driving, people), Port Authority and the area around the heavily polluted Maspeth Creek.

Whether the happy tweeters are all tourists—or locals are finding some joy in the hub's quirks, such as Max Neuhaus's sound installation (pictured above)—is a matter of debate.

[h/t AM New York]

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