The Hot Seat: Bronx Zoo Cobra

The Bronx Zoo Cobra dishes on fame, freedom and ankle-biting.

Not the Bronx Zoo Cobra, but one of a legion of celebrity lookalikes trying to cash in.

Not the Bronx Zoo Cobra, but one of a legion of celebrity lookalikes trying to cash in.

Have you had any crazy ad opportunities thrown your way since you've become famous? Any fears about becoming the reptile Snooki?
A few offers, but nothing that really met this cobra's high standards. Snooki gets attention for showing up. I get attention for disappearing.

You now have your own line of merchandise, including thongs. Was that your idea?
It wasn't my idea, but I love the idea of thongs. Snakes love exposed ankles.

Have any celebs gotten in touch? I know you tweeted you were a fan of Tina Fey, and you got a shout-out from Mayor Bloomberg!
Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Seacrest, Jon Favreau, Julie Benz and Martha Stewart all had nice things to say about me. That is the great thing about Twitter. It's a place where a snake can hobnob with the big shots.

But you heard nothing from Justin Bieber?
Sadly, still no word from Justin. But never say never, am I right?

Complex called you the new Charlie Sheen. Is that fair?
Let's just say that my comedy tour would contain jokes. I hear there's just one joke in Charlie's tour.

Do you have any grand plans for using your newfound influence? Are you going to be like the dude in Limitless, vying for the presidency?
A snake in politics?!? That's completely unheard-of! I plan to use my influence to encourage people to explore, learn and experience life.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?
I think Cate Blanchett could really capture my essence.

Do you consider yourself an especially modern snake, using Twitter and all?
I am the first snake to really embrace social media. I hope more animals join the digital conversation.

What made you decide to take to the Internet as a free snake? Where did you type your first tweet?
The best way to get Justin Bieber to notice you is definitely on Twitter. I typed my first tweet on my iPhone, of course.

And come to think of it, how does a limbless creature type?
The iPhone touch screen is just that easy to use.

Did you hit Brooklyn? What are your thoughts on the bike lane controversy?
Sadly, never made it to Brooklyn. Maybe soon, though... I'm all for the bike lanes. A great way to get out and explore the city. Also, I am usually at tailpipe level and not a fan of pollution.

As an Egyptian cobra, do you consider yourself a New Yorker or an Egyptian? Did you follow Egypt's liberation on the news? Was that an inspiration?
I'm definitely a New Yorker. And like many New Yorkers I was excited to see the Egyptian people standing up for freedom and using Twitter. Two of my favorite things.

How did you escape?
I had a tiny rock hammer and several posters of attractive movie stars. After many years and the perfect timing of a thunderstorm, I crawled through a river of poop and came out clean on the other side.

Where did you make a beeline for, once you were free?
Snacks. The city has great snacks.

Would you consider yourself a player or an aesthete? I know you hit the karaoke bar and the museum while out on the town...
Not to brag, but I am the most cultured snake I know. None of these other snakes have ever set tail in a museum.

How did you feel seeing the Statue of Liberty?
She is an inspiring lady. And much taller in person.

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