The Internet Cat Video Festival is headed for Brooklyn

Calling all cat ladies (and gents): The event devoted to the Internet's favorite feline viral-video stars comes to Warsaw in October.

Will a bodega cat be the next star of the Internet Cat Video Festival? Maybe!

Will a bodega cat be the next star of the Internet Cat Video Festival? Maybe! Photograph: Jonathan Aprea

Proof that cats really do rule everything around us: After the success of last year's inaugural Internet Cat Video Festival at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, its organizers have decided to bring the fest to Brooklyn. (A second edition will also be held again in Minneapolis in August.) The kitty-centric shindig happens on October 25 at Warsaw, and tickets are available now—considering the fact that the debut event attracted 10,000 people, we're pretty sure this is going to sell out.

So what can you expect? Last year's event featured screenings of some of the most popular cat videos—such as Surprised Kitty, Maru, the two talking cats and more—in categories like comedy, drama, lifetime achievement and people's choice. (The folks at the Walker have done a wonderful thing by compiling all of the featured videos into one very long and feline-filled YouTube playlist.) We'd wager a guess that Lil' Bub and Grumpy Cat will dominate this year's festivities, but who knows what upstart kitties will attempt to snatch the crown between now and then?

Check out the winning entry from last year's festival below: Will Braden's "Henri 2: Paw de Deux" features an existential rumination on life delivered by an adorable, fluffy black cat.