The Kardashians are coming to the Hamptons this summer—here's how to avoid them

It’s like preparing for a zombie apocalypse! (But worse.) Here are five spots where you won't see Khloe or Kourtney this summer.

Photographs: Jitney: Peter Titmuss / Alamy; Kardashians: Rex/REX USA

It's been a while since the Hamptons were the hip beach-vacation destination for New Yorkers—we're all about the Rockaways now, obviously—but if ever there were a nail in the East End's coffin, it's the news that a new Kardashian reality series will be set there. According to the New York Post, alliterative famous-for-something-or-other sisters Kourtney and Khloe will star in the show—set to premiere this fall—which centers around the challenge of bringing their clothing boutique, DASH, to Long Island. Riveting! 

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It's a safe bet that the show will film over the summer, so those who are typically Hamptons-bound might be panicking right about now. Fear not: We've compiled a list of spots in the Hamptons that are likely to be anathema to the Kardashian Krew. Mark your maps now.

Murf's Backstreet Tavern
This East End joint is known for its cheap drinks, killer jukebox and popularity with the local sailors from the nearby marina—attributes that sound amazing to us, but will likely repel fixtures on L.A.'s trendy nightclub scene.

LongHouse Reserve
Built by designer Jack Lenor Larsen, this sculpture park features pieces from Sol LeWitt, Yoko Ono and Isamu Noguchi, among others. Unless Khloe has been harboring a secret interest in modern art, you're probably safe here.

East Hampton Farmers' Market
This one's a gamble, admittedly: Those L.A. types do like their healthy organic produce, and maybe Kourtney and her husband, Scott Disick, like spending the afternoon debating the merits of different varieties of kale. But it still seems like a safer bet than SL East

The Hideaway
According to Curbed Hamptons, this Mexican spot offers strong drinks, "a little bit mediocre" tacos and a constant stream of sports on big-screen TVs. If that doesn't sound like the type of place that reality-show cameras would avoid, we don't know what does.

East Hampton Library
Located in an old-fashioned cottage filled to the rafters with books (the ultimate brain accessory!), the East Hampton Library also runs a science-fiction book club and offers courses on how to do your taxes. If the Kardashian sisters show up there, we'll eat our hat. Or at least a book about hats.  

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