The McCarren Rink could expand to twice its size

Plans for the popular new rink also include a sledding chute, snowman- and snowcastle-building contests, and “speed-date and skate” parties

McCarren Rink

McCarren Rink Photograph: Lauren Spinelli

In its first nine days, McCarren Rink welcomed more than 5,000 skaters—meaning that it's probably even harder to get into than the McCarren Park Pool.* Though the Greenpoint attraction, which can host about 300 ice-skaters at a time, has only been open since November 15, plans are already in the works to make it bigger and, uh, more interactive. Let us elaborate.

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The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA), the nonprofit that operates the new winter wonderland as well as summertime concerts on the Williamsburg waterfront, hopes to expand the rink. Right now the icy portion is 7,200 square feet, covering the narrow concrete deck known as the Beach—but should enough skaters show up, the skating surface could extend over the pool, reaching about twice its current area.

OSA's plans include some more whimsical projects. The organization is suggesting building an "ice slide," a sort of man-made hill for sledding to enhance McCarren Park's winter appeal. Planned events also figure in the proposal, from snowman- and snowcastle-building competitions (fun) to “speed-date and skate” parties (weird).

The Parks Department isn't implementing any of these ideas—for now. Following through will depend on the rink's popularity as the season progresses. Dear reader, what are your thoughts on a bigger ice-skating rink, sledding in North Brooklyn and meeting potential dates on skates? Let us know in the comments below.

* If you want to skip the line, check out TONY's exclusive VIP night of ice skating at McCarren Rink. It's happening on December 18, and for $30 you'll get unlimited hot dogs, hot chocolate, skate rental and admission for three hours.

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