The MTA recommends more trains, better announcements on the G line

The MTA completed its review of the oft-maligned subway line, and made suggestions to improve service.

The G train

The G train

Good news for G-train lifers: Today, the MTA released its review, requested earlier this year by State Senator Daniel Squadron, of the oft-mocked Brooklyn-Queens connector. In addition to telling commuters what they already knew—the G runs infrequently, can be slow and stops at weird points within stations—the report included some recommendations to help improve service. So it might get better! In 2014! (That's something, right?)

The biggest recommended change—assuming the MTA can find the $700,000 it would need to implement these improvements—would be an increase in service during the weekday-afternoon rush hour (approximately 3–9pm). The MTA proposes running trains every 8 minutes instead of every 10 minutes, with the hope of decreasing irregular service during that time. (Blame the F train for that: The G, essentially, has to make its schedule around the F, since the two lines share track between the Bergen St and Church Ave stops. Maybe it's time to bring the F express back?)

Other recommendations: adjust the train's stopping position in pretty much every station, to help alleviate uneven loading and make it easier for customers to get on and off trains; and improve the PA system. Among the changes that weren't recommended: lengthening trains, providing out-of-station transfers to nearby hubs (like Atlantic Ave–Barclays Ctr) and running more trains during off-peak hours. (So yes, you'll still be waiting forever if you need a G at, like, midnight.)

Some interesting tidbits gleaned from the report: More than 20% of G riders make two or more transfers during their commute (duh—how else would you get to Manhattan?), and even though ridership has grown exponentially in the past few years, the G is still among the subway system's least-traveled lines. (But it still has 40 million riders per year. Huh.)

You can read the full report on the MTA's website. What do you think of these recommendations?

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