The MTA to get $880M in federal funds to fix Sandy-damaged subways

The transit authority will at long last receive the cash to repair the G, R and 7 train tunnels

Damage to the Montague tube between Manhattan and Brooklyn

Damage to the Montague tube between Manhattan and Brooklyn Photograph: Marc A. Hermann/MTA New York City Transit

It’s been over a year since Superstorm Sandy left superdamages to New York’s subway system. After the big hit, most of the city’s trains were able to pick themselves up and return to normal within a couple of weeks, but others—namely the G, R and 7 trains—are still wounded from their fight with Mother Nature. Now, thanks in part to the state’s senior senator, Chuck Schumer, the federal government will be handing over $886 million dollars to the MTA. Most of this money will go straight to the Montague Street, Steinway and Greenpoint Tunnels.   

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This is particularly good news for those living in the outer boroughs. After these repairs are made, Brooklynites will once again be able to take the R train on their weekday commute to Manhattan; Queens residents will be able to count on regular 7 weekend service; and the G train might just improve enough to only occasionally be the butt of straphangers' jokes (unlikely). 

Don’t fret over whether the $800-and-change million is enough to cover the MTA’s bills—Schumer has our backs. This is just the first of the monies he's gotten the Federal Transit Administration to pledge to Sandy recovery. When all is said and done, the FTA will have delivered a total of $3.79 billion to the city's transit system.

(h/t Gothamist)

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