Straphangers, check out the MTA’s newest collection of subway art

Millions of New Yorkers get to experience new art pieces by Susan Farrington and James Gulliver Hancock adorning the interiors of subway cars

Detail of All the Stuff on the Subway

Detail of All the Stuff on the Subway Art card: James Gulliver Hancock

Your dreadful, overcrowded commute just got a little bit artsier, thanks to the good ol’ MTA, as the authority's Arts for Transit and Urban Design department has commissioned two artists to add some life and style to subway cars.

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All the Stuff on the Subway, a piece by James Gulliver Hancock, is a black-and-white montage of just that: all the weird and not-so-weird things you see on the train. From doughnuts to guitars, oversize bikes to bagels, his piece captures the total randomness of a real NYC subway ride. The Australia-born, Brooklyn-based artist's second piece, Living in New York, is a colorful and fun depiction of what it’s like to live in greatest city in the world. His artwork shows giant buildings sitting next to ice-cream cones, oversize stiletto heels and giant coffee mugs. (Side note: He should’ve included those annoying construction signs that hold up traffic on every major avenue.)  

The third art card, Robots by Susan Farrington, has quirky and colorful robots on the street, and the same odd creatures riding the subway directly below their aboveground counterparts. The panel includes penguins and fish, showcasing the oddity and diversity of New Yorkers. One thing is for sure; Farringon nailed the robotlike quality of New Yorkers riding the 6 to Grand Central at 7am, barely awake and hardly human.

Check out Farrington and Hancock's artworks below, and next time you ride the subway, don’t forget to look up; the new art might make your commute a little less aggravating.

All the Stuff on the Subway by James Gulliver Hancock

Living in New York by James Gulliver Hancock

Robots by Susan Farrington

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