The must-see three

Boss put the kibosh on DVD Friday? Slip in some shorts on your lunch break and watch these Web shorts. Here, our top three picks for fall.

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“Fact Checkers Unit”

The premise: Peter Karinen and Brian Sacca are fact-checkers for Dictum magazine, and so dedicated to their jobs that they break into Bill Murray’s house to find out if he drinks milk before bed.

Perfect for: Bill Murray enthusiasts, or anyone lamenting the cancellation of The Knights of Prosperity.

Watercooler quote, sung to the tune of “Chopsticks”: “They’re the chopsticks I use / They’re the chopsticks I chose / I choose all my chop suey Chinese style!”

(Premieres on Funny or Die Sept 10.)



The premise: Nick Kroll plays Benji Lessman, a Hollywood agent to Hollywood agents. The Sklar brothers—Jason and Randy—are his preposterous publicists; they’ve scored him a Web series in the hope of attracting more clients.

Perfect for: Fans of the Sklars’ ESPN show Cheap Seats: Without Ron Parker.

Watercooler quote: “This is a copy of a copy of that fax.” “Good: E-mail it to me.”

(Premieres on Super Deluxe in mid-to-late September.)


“Window Seat”

The premise: The first episode in this series—animated in the style of airplane safety pamphlets—features Eugene Cordero as a freewheeling organ transplanter and Eric Scott as his skittish rowmate. Organs are explored; shenanigans ensue.

Perfect for: Those tired of Aqua Teen, looking for the next Adult Swim hit.

Watercooler quote: “But seriously! I bet these organs look crazy, yo!”

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