The New York Subway Signs Experiment makes NYCers smile (video)

Watch this video showing good-spirited pranksters taking advantage of a weird rule for subway conductors

Still via the New York Subway Signs Experiment

It takes a lot to get most New Yorkers to crack a smile, especially when those Gothamites are on-the-job subway conductors. Yosef Lerner, local straphanger and creative director for the 1-million-views-and-counting YouTube video below, manages to coerce smiles and even some laughter out of MTA conductors in his “New York Subway Signs Experiment.”

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The video starts by pointing out an NYC subway secret: Every station has a black-and-white striped board in the middle of the station. Some longtime commuters may have noticed that this board aligns with the center of the train when it’s at the station, right where the conductor sits. What many may not have noticed (and now will constantly be on the lookout for) is that the MTA has conductors point at the boards while stopped at the platform, as a way to prove their alertness. Literally, at every stop, at every station, the conductors roll down their windows and point at these boards. (For real, though, how did we never notice this?)

As a way to add some humor to conductors’ daily routines, Lerner and his partner-in-crime Rose held up clever signs right below the zebra-striped signs with phrases like “Point here if you are dead sexy,” and “Point here if you have seen a passenger naked.” The responses they got are pretty adorable, we have to admit.

In an interview with AOL, Lerner described his goals for the project as “an opportunity to snap someone out of it. To let them know that we notice them and that we see them as human beings.” We’re down with that. Check out the video below, and don’t be surprised if you begin to feel a strange sensation on the lower half of your face—it’s a smile.

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