The Pulaski Bridge is getting a dedicated bike lane next year

The Brooklyn–Queens connector will become safer and less congested for pedestrians and cyclists alike

Pulaski Bridge

Pulaski Bridge

Bike-friendly Long Island City and Greenpoint will at last be connected by a bike-friendly link; city officials recently announced that the Pulaski Bridge is getting a dedicated lane for cyclists in 2014. Currently bikers and pedestrians share a narrow and busy artery, and walkers have conveyed how unsafe the crowded area feels. To remedy these issues and accomodate the growing population of commuter-cyclists, the city plans to remove one of the traffic lanes and convert it into a dedicated area for bikers.

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After conducting a traffic analysis and other research to support the project, the Department of Transportation is expected to present the final design to the Queens and Brooklyn community boards in December. Pending their approval, construction of the protected bike lane is scheduled to begin in late spring or early summer of 2014.

(h/t Daily News)

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