The rankings: 41-50


St. Marks Place between Hyatt Street and Victory Boulevard, St. George, Staten Island

St. Marks Place is conveniently close to the ferry, but a farmers' market on your doorstep and a fabulous array of perfectly kept homes make for a pristine departure from downtown Staten Island.


Sullivan Street between Prince and Spring Streets, Soho

This middle-of-the-action block has Blue Ribbon, Red Bench, Jean Claude and their ilk, so practically everybody wants to hang out here (that also means everybody always is here). Bonus: +1 point. "He works at Mr. Cacciatore's down on Sullivan Street."


Vestry Street between Greenwich and Hudson Streets, Tribeca

The northwest portion of Tribeca has become one of the city's most desirable enclaves, and this stretch of Vestry is hard to top. The Greenwich Street restaurant lineup is around the corner, and Hudson River Park beckons from across the West Side Highway.


Commerce Street between Barrow and Bedford Streets, West Village

The word charming was created for blocks like this. Adorable old brick town-houses with shuttered windows, lots of trees and a bend in the road create a whimsical mood, and the Cherry Lane Theatre adds cachet. Penalty: -1 point. This unusual curving street has been discovered by the masses—in a big way.


Havemeyer Street between Grand and Hope Streets, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A luxurious-feeling block that provides a pleasant place to live within easy access of some great new places (Cheeks Bakery, Roebling Tea Room). The strip is also just a couple of blocks from Billyburg's main drag, Bedford Avenue.


Beekman Place between 49th and 51st Streets, Midtown East

Considering that it's only two blocks long, we decided to give the whole length of Beekman its own entry. The likes of Irving Berlin, Gloria Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller III have all lived on this ultra-exclusive stretch, while modernist legend Paul Rudolph built his own showcase apartment at No. 23.


Emmons Avenue between East 14th and East 15th Streets, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Sheepshead Bay may not be the hippest neighborhood, but if you can get past the Eurotrash hangouts and the long-ass commute, a great quality of life awaits. The ocean views are among the best in the boroughs, and the amenities come cheap. The bay and the area's immigrant legacy make it unlike any other place in town.


Grace Court between Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Hicks Street, Brooklyn Heights

This tranquil cul-de-sac is blessed with lofty water views and an eye-catching mix of architecture. A worthy home for the hyperprivate among us. Penalty: -1 point. The block does feel a little cut off from the neighborhood.


33rd Street between Broadway and 31st Avenue, Astoria, Queens

Astoria's 33rd Street is one appealing block. It's fairly quiet, but close to the subway—and the fray. On Broadway, you've got high-pace shopping; on 31st Avenue, edgy fashion boutiques and tasty French and Italian fare at Brick Caf.


49th Street between Skillman and 39th Avenues, Sunnyside Gardens, Queens

The community park here makes an otherwise nondescript block a great place for families and neighbors—people talk with fierce pride about where they live. Garages and carports ease the parking burden; even better, having a stake in the park fosters a strong sense of connection.

Compiled by Irina Ageyeva, Alia Akkam, Dan Avery, Erin Clements, Billie Cohen, Nancy Davidson, Lisa Selin Davis, Dan Derouchie, Dustin Goot, C.J. Hughes, Soren Larson, Dan Lopez, Lee Magill, Kelly McMasters, Scot Meyer, Evan Narcisse, Amy Plitt, Katharine Rust and Jules Verdone.


Aesthetics: Design, cleanliness and the overall condition of housing
Amenities: Restaurants, dry cleaning, etc.
Green factor: Not only trees and parks, but waterfront access
Noise and traffic
Public transit: Proximity to public transportation and the length of a trip to midtown
New York-ocity: The feeling of an only-in-New York spot
Affordability: A relative term, defined by by median sale and rental prices in the immediate vicinity


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