The rat invasion continues with a commuter-terrorizing, subway-riding rodent

Passengers on the downtown A train got a surprise guest on Monday. They were not happy to see him.

You may have noticed we’ve written a lot about rats lately. There were those car-eating rats on the Upper West Side, for example. And the story about how there are rats on 13 percent of subway platforms. And that helpful tool showing you where rats are most likely to be found in New York. That might seem like rat overkill, but really, can you blame us? Rats may just be a part of daily life in New York, but recently, they seem to be rearing their buck-toothed little heads a bit too frequently for our liking. Let’s not forget, it’s less than a week since someone filmed a bunch of rats frolicking in the croissants at the 37th Street Dunkin Donuts (fun fact: Frolicking in the Croissantsis going to be the name of my loosely autobiographical coming-of-age novel).

Which brings us to today’s inevitable update in the never-ending saga of, “Holy crap, there’s a rat in my apartment/doughnut/shoe/handbag/coffee mug/other rat” that this city seems so fond of foisting upon us. This video (which was shared by Gawker earlier) shows a large rat aboard the downtown A train on Monday, having the time of its life charging up and down the car while everyone else immediately jumps atop their seats like Tom's owner once Jerry's on the loose. NYC, I’m sure you’ll understand if I take a cab home tonight.

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