Rockaway ferry service extended until May, possibly permanently

But that’s not the only news for the popular commuter boat service—ticket prices are going up too

Photograph: Virginia Rollison

Mayor Bill de Blasio has extended the popular and affordable Rockaway ferry—for a little bit, at least. The Manhattan-Queens-connecting commuter service, facing an end date of January 31, got a three-to-sixth-month grace period, meaning that it will run at least until May, perhaps until August and maybe even permanently. Ticket prices are being raised to $3.50 from $2, and the NYC Economic Development Corporation will ascertain whether to make the waterway transit option a permanent one depending on how much ridership drops after the price bump.

The ferry was introduced after Hurricane Sandy, when subways were knocked out. It connects Rockaway Beach with Wall Street in 55 minutes, one third of the time it takes via train; because of its popularity, this is its fourth extension. About 350 people use it every day.

In other Rockaway news, plans are in the works to reconstruct the its Sandy-destroyed boardwalk. The new beachside walkway won't be completed until Memorial Day 2017, and delays are partly due to endangered piping plovers. The rare birds nest on the beach, forcing construction workers to pause reconstruction for months at a time. Cute!

(h/t Daily News)

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