The subway-kitten saga continues: August and Arthur on The Colbert Report (video)

Just when you thought the subway kitten story was over, it gets even cuter: The cats made an appearance on The Colbert Report last night.

The infamous subway kittens.

The infamous subway kittens. Photograph: Marc A. Hermann/NYC Transit

You might be wondering, readers, why we've devoted so much time to the story of August and Arthur, the subway kittens, over the past week. "Surely there bigger stories happening in New York right now," you might say. And to that we say: Yes, that's fair, but oh my god, have you seen their little kitty faces?!?

Ahem. Anyway. Yesterday we told you about the kittens' new home in Bushwick, Brooklyn; and as it turns out, little Arthur and August made their TV debut yesterday on The Colbert Report, during a segment about the NYC mayor's race and Republican candidate Joe Lhota's anti-kitten stance. (Colbert jokes that Lhota will handily take the anti-kitten demographic, which includes "sociopaths, rats large enough to vote and Alf" in the race.)

Watch the clip—the kittens show up near the 3:40 mark with their foster dad, Steven Liu—below.

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