The Village Halloween Parade is back on, thanks to fund-raising

The iconic Halloween celebration met its goal of $50,000 through Kickstarter—and so the show will go on.

39th Annual Village Halloween Parade

39th Annual Village Halloween Parade Photograph: Virginia Rollison

Last month, we told you that because of Hurricane Sandy, the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade was in jeopardy. The annual bash was canceled in 2012, thanks to the post-storm power outage, and this year found itself short on cash to relaunch the iconic event for its 40th year. To raise the $50,000 deemed necessary to organize the parade and meet rising insurance costs, the institution launched a fund-raising campaign via Kickstarter, complete with wacky prizes and cool rewards (including an opportunity to march at the head of the procession—how could anyone resist?).

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Fortunately, the backers came through and the Halloween festivities are officially on. Just three days before its deadline on October 21, the proceeds were confirmed (right now they stand at $51,047), but you still have until Monday to donate.

In other news, it's definitely time to start planning your costume, if you haven't already. We'll be back next week with some suggestions.

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