These videos will make you want to bring a camera every time you ride the subway

In our picks for today’s best subway videos, De Blasio challenges Obama to a basketball game, and desperate riders miss the G train

Keep a camera handy next time you’re on the subway. Without it, you’ll have no hope of competing with the likes of Alvin Javier, who took advantage of a chance encounter with Bill de Blasio by recording the mayor, who issued a challenge to President Obama for a one-on-one basketball game.

Javier manages to set up the video while on the train and keep De Blasio’s attention while he fiddles with his phone. The mayor concedes that Obama may have better basketball skills, but De Blasio claims he has the height. If only all commutes produced such strange Instagram goodness.

Less happy with her commute is Audrey Stanfield, who directed this amusing and all-too-relatable video of New Yorkers barely missing the G train. Make sure your volume is up—it’s set to 1986 hit “Return to Innocence” by Enigma, which certainly adds that extra something. We do realize, though, that while we’re laughing at these poor people right now, we’ll definitely be humming the tune next time we’re exhausted, crying, hot, sweating and desperately trying to pry open the doors of the G as the train pulls away from the platform.