This inflatable dress will keep subway creeps away from you

Things getting too close for comfort on the train during rush hour? Have no fear: The personal-space dress is here!

We all have a wish list of subway improvements, and most of us have perfected ways to make our daily commute as pleasant as possible (i.e., to keep people the hell away from us): sneering, elbowing, consuming inappropriately noxious meals. (Actually, those of you who do that, please stop.)

But Kathleen McDermott, an artist in Hong Kong, has a more effective plan for keeping away train pervs and straphangers with personal-space issues (e.g., those who feel a stranger's armpit is an acceptable place to rest): an inflatable dress! When the dress senses that someone has gotten too close, it expands, thereby warding off offenders. (McDermott's site, Urban Armor, has lots of other DIY pieces that "help women exercise control over their personal/public space," including instructions on how to MacGyver together your own motorized mob stopper—supplies include an umbrella and empty deodorant containers.)

We're eagerly awaiting the artist's instructions on how to create a contraption that keeps people's long hair off other people's bare shoulders, deters leaning towers of jerks who rest on the pole and scolds the inconsiderate masses who refuse to move in to the window seat and make you climb over them when it's our stop. Until then, it's sneer city.