This weekend's revolutionary task: Attend Karl Marx Reading Rainbow

Drink German beer and touch a fetishistic sweater at this Karl Marx reading group.

"Deal with it"—Karl Marx

"Deal with it"—Karl Marx Design: Joe Paul

Tired after a week of toiling away for your capitalist overlords? Spending an inordinate time at your desk plotting the revolution? Well, the weekend is finally here—why not put some of that working-class discontent to use at Karl Marx Reading Rainbow, a discussion dedicated to Marx's Capital, Volume I. Jamie Hook, founder of the Open City Dialogue lecture series, leads the talk on February 24 in the basement of Greenpoint beer bar the Diamond. Prep by reading the tome's first chapter, The Commodity (the Fowkes translation, Penguin Classics edition, if you want to get specific).

To stoke your zeal for dismantling the capitalist machine, Hook's presentation will include a reading from Émile Zola's The Ladies' Paradise and the following instructional aides:

1. a very "fetishistic" sweater from Uniqlo, folded and pristine, to demonstrate what Marx called the "heightened state" (i.e. erotic energy) of objects in their exchange-value state.
2. a slide show of objects representing exchange
3. a flowchart of Marx's terminologies

The first eight proles will receive a free glass of Kölsch, which—as Hook notes—"Karl Marx claimed was the only beer capable of retarding the revolutionary impulse."

The Center for Investigative Research convenes the group on last Sunday of the month for more Marxist reflections, and weekly for other lines of inquiry. There's no meeting on March 3, but on March 10, explore the world of "disturbing fan mail."