This week's issue of Time Out is going to find you your perfect apartment

The apartment hunt issue is here to help you survive the madness that is finding a place to live in NYC

Sick of watching the eggshell paint peel off your walls? Frustrated by the upstairs neighbors who turn on Iggy Azalea records at 4am? In week's issue ofTime Out New York, we say it's time to do something about it. Pack up your bobble head collection, dissemble your Ikea bed frame, and check out this week's magazine, in which we break down the stressful, bizarre, complicated process of looking for a new home in New York City. You'll find the ten commandments of apartment hunting, as well as a list of stylish solutions for maximizing small small spaces.

Elsewhere in this week's issue, we speak to the funniest man on Twitter (or possibly in the world) Rob Delaney, who gives us ten invaluable life lessons, including his insistence that we should all masturbate at least twice a week (only twice?). Plus: A guide to free outdoor movies around the city this summer. That's right, warm nights are here and summer screenings are back. It's the…hibernating inside and binging on Netflix (not that there's anything wrong with that…)

And despite their terrible start, we explain why Rangers hockey fever is gripping New York, and why you should still care.

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