This week’s issue of Time Out New York sees an epic battle of the boroughs

We made the five boroughs fight it out while we got ready for the best July 4th EVER

New Yorkers are a proud bunch, and we’ll happily stand together to proclaim our city’s greatness against any would-be adversary. But when we’re not pulling together as one, holy cow, do we like to bicker about which borough is the best. Are you basically completely convinced that your borough is the best borough? You’re not alone! We got five proud locals to defend their boroughs in a fight to the death. (Not literally. That would be madness.) Check out the new issue of Time Out New York to see what makes Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx special (and hear some amazing trash talking).
Elsewhere in the issue, you'll find a guide to the best places in New York to watch the July 4th fireworks, as well as a look at how mall culture is creeping into the city (and why we secretly kinda like it). Plus, of course, there's all your favorite regulars like Sticky Note Confessions, Undateables, Word On The Street and much more. Happy 4th, everybody! And remember: Be excellent to each other. And…

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