Ticket alert: US Open tickets on sale now

Snag seats now for the tennis tourney, happening from August 24 to September 9 in Queens.

US Open

US Open Photograph: 2010 Getty Images/Chris Trotman

Tennis's Grand Slam season is in full swing: The French Open just ended this weekend, Wimbledon begins in two weeks, and—lucky for American fans—tickets for the US Open, happening at Flushing Meadows–Corona Park, are on sale as of this morning.

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If you're operating with the same budget as some of the game's famous fans—Anna Wintour, Alec Baldwin, Kristen Wiig and Susan Sarandon are among the celebs who took in a match last year—then you have your pick of options: A Supreme Package (which goes for $700–$750) includes prime seating, dedicated parking and a $200 gift card; individual tickets, meanwhile, can reach prices of up to $895 for sessions in the final days of the tourney.

But we're assuming most of you aren't working with that kind of budget. And that's okay! There are still plenty of (slightly) cheaper options: Individual tickets to day sessions start at about $70, with prices going up from there as the competition goes on. And tickets for grounds admission start at $56.50—and if all you care about is watching people play tennis, that's your best bet, as you can see smaller matches throughout the first few days of the event that way. (And hey, the marquee competitions usually get televised anyway: May as well leave those to the high rollers.)