Tickets for the Rubin Museum’s Dream-Over on sale NOW!

Stay overnight at the venerable institution’s adult sleepover, which includes Himalayan bedtime stories and a personal dream analysis the next morning

The Dream-Over

The Dream-Over Photograph: Michel J. Palma for the Rubin Museum

Tickets to one of the coolest and quirkiest events in NYC just went on sale. The Rubin Museum is bringing back the Dream-Over, a museum sleepover for grown-ups that hasn't been done since 2012; the theme this time is Tibetan medicine. It's happening May 10, and tickets are $108 ($216 for a couple).

So what happens exactly? The museum describes it as "a blind date with a work of art." Adults in pajamas bring comfy things to sleep on (a yoga mat, a blow-up mattress, a hammock—innovative beds welcome!), and go to bed in the Rubin's galleries under an art piece specially selected for them according to Tibetan medical guidelines. Before dozing off, you'll do Tibetan Dream Yoga, listen to bedtime stories and hear lullabies. In the morning, a team of "dream-gatherers" (trained psychologists or therapists) will gently wake you up to write down your dreams. Over a traditional Tibetan breakfast of tsampa, yak butter and tea, you'll unravel the meaning of your dreams with the psychologists and explore how environment, art and stories impact your dream life.

There's no way to predict how the experience will affect your dreams, but past participants of the adult pajama party noticed their dreams were more vivid than usual; they could actually recall what happened when they woke up. Many dreams also reported that the artwork did affect their dreams, whether thematically or visually (the same colors would show up after they fell asleep, for example, or they dreamt that they were inside their painting). Other dreams seemed more arbitrary and unrelated.

The event will likely sell out soon; buy your tickets through the Rubin Museum, and you can nab yours here. Oh, and a few final tips if you decide to join the Dream-Over: Bring earplugs and stylish p.j.'s.

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