Time Out Offers deal of the week: DJ Spooky's Mixing App Party at the Met

Instead of just listening to an emcee spin beats, get in on the action at this high-energy bash at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

DJ Spooky Mixing App Party

DJ Spooky Mixing App Party

We've all been to parties where we've tried desperately to find our groove—only the DJ totally stinks and we're left thinking, I could do better. Here's your chance to prove it: Next Friday, June 21, composer–multimedia artist DJ Spooky (one of the good ones) is throwing a bash to close out the Met Reframed, his nine-month nightlife residency at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and he wants you to help create the soundtrack.

Bring your iPhone or iPad, and you'll be able to use Spooky's app to lend a hand with mixing tunes, along with the rest of the booty-shaking revelers. You've got one week; snag your tickets and start practicing your skills.

Buy tickets for $26 (normally $30)

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