Tinder's famous tiger selfies may be illegal in New York State

Subliminal message of virility or simple Calvin and Hobbes fixation?

Anyone who has spent but a few minutes on dating app Tinder can attest to the alarming amount of men who pose with big cats. No. Really. This is an actual phenomenon to the point where several articles have been written about it. A couple of popular Tumblr blogs document the best pictures, showing dude after dude posing with tigers. For some reason, these men seem to think that posing with a tiger is indicative of (one can assume) their sexual prowess, a (not at all) subliminal way to say, "Hey, if I can tame this tiger, I can sure tame a woman."

Linda Rosenthal, an assemblymember from Manhattan, has gone as far as to propose a bill that would not allow people to pose with tigers in the state of New York, reason being that there have been seven (!) tiger attacks in New York in the last 15 years.

Whether the bill will actually gain traction is yet to be seen; it'll be incredibly difficult to actually implement a statewide moratorium on tiger selfies. Yet the message is clear: Bros need to stop posing with tigers.