Today is the last day to register to vote in the NYC mayoral race!

Out with the old, in with the new. Register to vote for the next mayor before today’s deadline, and find out what New Yorkers think of Bloomberg.

Election Day

Election Day

The NYC mayoral primary is less than a month away, and today is the last day for Gothamites to register to vote in the election. If you left it until the last minute but want to vote come September 10, you can dash over to the offices of the city's Board of Elections, mail a letter postmarked with today's date or register online via the DMV (the latter option applies only to residents with a New York driver's license).

Smartphone users can also download NYC Votes, a new app from the New York City Campaign Finance Board. It will facilitate the registration process, allow participants to check on their status as a registered voter and more.

Today The New York Times released poll results showing what New Yorkers think of Bloomberg, now that his term is nearly over. Basically, it's complicated: While most are in support of his oft-mocked, interventionist initiatives (fast-food calorie counting, Citi Bike), many pollers criticized him for favoring Manhattan and the wealthy, among other things.

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