Touch and go: New high-tech information kiosks coming to the subway

Those countdown clocks will seem a whole lot less impressive once these babies arrive.

Interactive Subway Kiosks from Control Group

Interactive Subway Kiosks from Control Group Photo: Control Group

The MTA is about to take a giant leap into the digital era: After recently unveiling new interactive pay phones, the Control Group has announced that it'll be partnering with the transportation agency to install touch-screen information kiosks throughout the boroughs.

Each 47-inch-tall hub will display real-time service alerts, countdowns and even directions. (The posts will also play looping ads, but hey, we'll support anything that could lower ticket costs.) Video cameras, microphones and Wi-Fi are other tech-savvy enhancements meant to aid straphangers.

So far, plans are to launch the kiosks in 90 stations, starting this year. Do you think these will make your commute less painful, and will you actually use them? Let us know on Twitter at @timeoutnewyork.