Try out Google Glass with art piece Viewpoint of Billions (video)

The smart-specs are landing at Lincoln Center as part of artist David Datuna's interactive installation

“Viewpoint of Billions" by David Datuna

“Viewpoint of Billions" by David Datuna Photograph courtesy KIWI Arts Group

Itching to check out Google's high-tech specs for yourself? You've got a chance to do so next week when Viewpoint of Billions lands at Lincoln Center. The interactive art piece by New Yorker David Datuna is a large-scale American flag made out of various materials, including newspaper clippings, thousands of abandoned eyeglass lenses and four embedded cameras.

That last bit is where the the wearable technology comes in. Visitors can use Glass on-site to take video of the flag; the flag's cameras, in turn, record the Glass wearer's movements, expressions and reactions. A split screen of both perspectives is live-streamed via YouTube. The infusion of technology allows people to communicate with a piece of art in an unprecedented way.

Viewpoint of Billions was unveiled at Miami's Art Basel last week, and you can check it out in NYC December 16–18, 8am–10pm, at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center. The event is free, and as a bonus we'll leave you with this whimsical stop-motion video shot via Google Glass by a group of NYC-based filmmakers (h/t Mashable).

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