TV watch: Time Out New York made a cameo on Girls last night

A certain "popular service publication" was mentioned on the show, with a review of Ray's new coffeeshop apparently appearing in the mag

Photograph: Craig Blankenhorn

Loyal Time Out New York readers may recall that fake issues of the magazine have appeared in TV shows before: Last year, Smash featured a "winter Fringe Festival" issue (not a thing we do, but okay), and in 2009, Liz Lemon's "That's a dealbreaker, ladies!" catchphrase was the subject of a cover on 30 Rock.

Now, we can add Girls to that list: On last night's episode, "Free Snacks," a minor plot point involves Ray's new coffeeshop getting a write-up in the magazine. (Shoshanna, played by Zosia Mamet, points it out to Jessa, saying, "Ray is being written about in popular service publications, and my life is a mess!") Here's what we had to say (at least, according to the show's writers):

"Despite the unfortunate familiarity of its name, Ray's is a refreshing departure from the average java house grind."

That sounds about right. And Shosh as a TONY reader? We totally believe it. Thanks for the shout-out, Lena & Co.

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