Use Google Chrome World Wide Maze to turn our website into a playable pinball game

Stop everything! Today's fun new time-waster is here: a Google experiment that uses its Internet browser Chrome to turn any website into a pinball maze you can play.

Google Chrome World Wide Maze

Google Chrome World Wide Maze

Playing pinball is fun, but chances are you're stuck at your desk and can't get to a machine right now. Well, Google has ridden to the rescue with World Wide Maze, a neat little, um, we have no idea what to call it. Basically, go to using Google's Chrome browser (see what they did there), type in a URL—we recommend our site, obviously—and the thingymawhatsit turns it into a pinball maze you can play on your desktop or smartphone.

Check out the video below to see how it works and approximately 30 electrifying seconds of product manager Joe DeFranceschi's tentative ball-handling skills.

Give it a go, and, if you so wish, tweet @timeoutnewyork screenshots of your high score on our homepage with the hashtag #ihavenothingbettertodotoday. The winner will win a scornful look from us at wasting so much time as well as, if we assess your finger-twitch ability to be up to snuff, our gamer tag so you may join our clan.

Here's Google Chrome's official video so you can see how it's done.