Wacky art project: “Every Bodega in Manhattan”

Artist Gail Quagliata is shooting every single bodega on the island for an ambitious documentary photo project.

Photograph: Gail Quagliata

In an unfathomable show of patience and tenacity, photographer Gail Quagliata is taking on the immense project of capturing each and every deli on the island with "Every Bodega in Manhattan." To accomplish this documentary mission, she has been systematically traversing the borough on foot, walking about 15 miles a day and shooting every bodega she passes (take a look at her progress on this ever-changing Google map).

Quagliata said she was originally inspired by the proliferation of bland 7-Elevens. "I've seen home-cooked Dominican food for sale in a largely Dominican neighborhood, religious tracts on prominent display near an Islamic center and caviar advertised off ritzy Fifth Avenue, all crammed in next to cigarettes, flowers, diapers, beer, tiny overpriced bottles of aspirin. Plus, many of these shops are open 24 hours, so you've sort of got a perfect mini metaphor for New York—the bodega never sleeps and is its own melting pot of cultural influences," she said in a Vanishing New York interview.

(h/t Curbed)

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