Want to avoid long lines? There should be an app for that

Madison Square Garden is considering an app that will track bathroom wait times, so we made a wish list of popular NYC attractions that merit such a service

Photograph: Alvina Lai

When we heard that Madison Square Garden might create an app to track its notoriously long bathroom lines—allowing you to correctly time your exit from the concert/basketball game/Dalai Lama speech you're attending—we felt inspired. 

The move would be part of the iconic arena's $1 billion renovation, a tech-forward transformation expected to launch within the next year. BetaBeat points out that SAP, the software company that works with MSG, is developing a similar app for the 49ers' new home, Levi's Stadium, in San Francisco; the service will direct sports fans to the beer stands and restrooms with the shortest lines. Pretty handy, eh?

Next order of business: Getting a similar app to advise us on when is best to visit mobbed NYC attractions. Read on for our wish list of line-time apps in Gotham.

Dominique Ansel Bakery

One word: cronuts. Rather than sleep on the sidewalk as other pastry-hybrid fanatics have been known to do, wouldn't it be great if you knew exactly when you could swoop into the Soho patisserie and pick up the überpopular dessert sans line?

TKTS Booth

Being able to see world-famous Broadway shows for a discount, thanks to the TKTS Booth in midtown, is one of the perks of living in New York City. Being able to beat the crowds by making an informed decision on which location to visit and at what time would be an even greater perk.

Shake Shack

The wait can be long, but it's worth it—even in the winter—for the Shackburger, one of our top ten patties in New York City. Since the Danny Meyer chain has locations around the city, we think an app directing you to the outpost with the shortest line would be most convenient.

The Museum of Modern Art

We gotta give mad props to MoMA for offering free admission on Friday afternoons—however, the multi-block-spanning wait to enter can be deterring, and you never know if it'll be worse when Free Fridays admission starts (at 4pm) or later on in the evening. Hence the need for a line tracker that will help plan your next art spree.

MoMA PS1's Warm Up

This alfresco summertime favorite is popular, and rightfully so: You can't go wrong with a daytime dance party in a museum courtyard. But the line sometimes stretches around the block, an especially vile prospect during the sweltering NYC summer months. That's why we'd love to enter just before the hordes arrive—and to grab a prime spot in front of the DJ booth.

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