Watch a sublimely silly lip dub of Game of Thrones (video)

Westeros meets Adventureland in Bad Lip Reading’s Game of Thrones riff, featuring Maester Pycelle farts and Jaime Lannister as “Jimmy Whisper”

Medieval Land Fun-Time World

Medieval Land Fun-Time World Screenshot via Bad Lip Reading

The folks behind Bad Lip Reading have really outdone themselves with their latest foray into willful misinterpretation. In the past, they’ve done absurd misreadings of the words of NFL players, politicians, Michael Bublé and characters in The Hunger Games. Now, they’ve taken on HBO’s Game of Thrones, reimagining George R.R. Martin’s sober fantasy-drama as a wacky comedy called Medieval Land Fun-Time World.

We can’t decide what we love more in this faux movie trailer: Cersei telling Sansa to “Go have your butt checked,” Tyrion asking Joffrey whether they should make “iPhones for babies” or Littlefinger serving kitten burgers to the Small Council (“What? They’re just baby cats. Jeeeez”). Can someone make this movie for real? It’d be a great way to pass the time while we’re waiting for season four to drop.

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