Watch all of 2013’s weather go by in eight minutes (video)

A climate-data organization compiled satellite images of the planet over the course of the entire year into one mesmerizing clip

Still via YouTube

If you ever wondered what the rest of the world’s weather was like while you laid out in Central Park in July, or when you whipped out your fuzzy earmuffs and long johns all freaking winter, wonder no more. Thanks to satellite-data organization EUMETSAT, you can now see just what Mother Earth was doing to the globe. Encompassing every single major storm from droughts to hurricanes, the video embedded below captures 2013’s weather as seen from world satellites.    

In the month of the September alone, you can see the nasty drought take over California, cool temperatures encroach upon the East Coast and the devastating typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines.

As far as we can tell, the mesmerizing clip points to a serious injustice: While we're slipping and sliding down NYC's black-ice–covered streets, folks in eastern parts of South America are probably sunbathing and cooling off in the ocean. Watch at your own peril: Jealous feelings may result.

(h/t The Atlantic Cities)

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