Watch as Citi Bike availability ebbs and flows across NYC

This interactive map shows New Yorkers’ commuting and travel patterns using Bloomberg’s bike-sharing program.

Citi Bike

Citi Bike Photograph: Lars Klove/New York City Bicycle Share

Love it, love to hate it or find love on it: The city's inexplicably controversial Citi Bike program has, at the very least, provided good happy-hour fodder for the summer. And now you can check out an interactive map showcasing bike availability throughout the day, including at specific stations on an average weekday—pretty handy for planning your next two-wheeler foray.

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As you might expect, the darker dots indicating vacant Citi Bikes ripple from Brooklyn and other residential neighborhoods into denser commercial areas (namely, the Financial District and midtown) in the morning, then back out as people commute to and from work.

In response to the map's patterns, one bike-share user we spoke to said, "Port Authority and Penn Station are hogging [the bikes]! I'm upset with the service because I can never get a bike, or I can't dock it. If they don't improve this ebb and flow of bikes, I don't think I'll sign up again." Will this affect your own Citi Bike usage?

(h/t Curbed via O'Reilly Radar)

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