Watch Bill de Blasio exchange zingers with Jon Stewart (video)

See the new mayor show off his funny side on The Daily Show, his first late-night TV interview. He’s got jokes!

Still via The Daily Show

Yesterday Bill de Blasio made his first late-night-talk-show appearance, on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. And while we already knew the new mayor was more laid-back than his predecesssor, he showed off his truly hilarious side, playing with the media's perception of him as a Che Guevara–supporting liberal caricature and practically matching his host joke for joke.

The two funny dudes started out by discussing how much snow has fallen since De Blasio took office (three storms and counting) and his first impressions of the gig, with the mayor calling it "the ultimate 24/7 job" and admitting he's ready to deal with something other than another weather crisis. "I've done the snow experience," he said. "I'd like to try something else now." After Stewart jokingly suggested he had dumped extra snow on the Upper East Side on purpose and asked what else could be done to the wealthy ’hood, De Blasio responded with a quip about swarming it with locusts. And we've got to admit—his poker face isn't half bad.

During the rest of the interview, De Blasio and Stewart touched on hot-button topics such as a citywide pre-K tax, stop-and-frisk policies and more. Of course, the program couldn't end without Stewart bringing up the notorious pizza incident—after which De Blasio took a bite out of a slice sans knife and fork, to loud cheers and applause from the audience.

Watch the clips below via The Daily Show.

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