Watch: Brooklyn is now "Brookland," an artisanal theme park (video)

Arcades! Pizza! Ice cream! Okay, sure, maybe Brooklyn kind of is a theme park for adults.


"Brookland" Screenshot courtesy UCB Comedy

We're as tired of hipster jokes and tropes as the next self-respecting New York City resident, but we have to admit, this video by the folks at UCB Comedy is pretty funny. In it, Brooklyn—sorry, "Brookland"—is treated as a theme park where you can find arcade games everywhere, kittens are in every store (what, like that's a bad thing?), and old-timey musicians roam the streets. Which, sure, that sounds about right, if we're talking about one particular way of looking at Brooklyn rather than the borough as a whole—but we digress.

Check out the clip below. (h/t HuffPo Comedy)

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