Watch comedian Rob Paravonian's tribute to the G train (video)

Finally, someone loves the G train as much as we do!

Rob Paravonian in "G Train"

Rob Paravonian in "G Train" Screen shot courtesy Rob Paravonian

The G train's detractors always make the same points: The train runs kind of slow, it only travels between Brooklyn and Queens, and the trains are weirdly short—which, sure, are fair points.

But we love that weird little train, as slow and inconvenient it may be at times—and so does comedian Rob Paravonian, who penned a song about the wonders of the G train. Paravonian filmed the entire thing selfie-style on a Flip cam and an iPad mini, and it's a fun little tune. He calls the train "like a dive bar on wheels," and we sorta can't argue—maybe that's why we love it so much? Anyway, check the video out below (courtesy of Jessica Delfino).