Watch how New Yorkers cooled off during a 1925 heat wave (video)

Air-conditioning? Pfft! In the 1920s, New York kids (and animals) relied on sprinklers and ice cream to stay cool.

New York during a 1925 heat wave

New York during a 1925 heat wave

Now that summer has arrived in all of its sticky and sweat-inducing glory, all we can think of is finding ways to cool off. (Our preferred method: sitting directly in front of a fan while eating ice-cream sandwiches. Your mileage may vary.)

For a glimpse of how New Yorkers in the past dealt with summer's heat and humidity, check out the video below, which was brought to our attention by the folks at The High Line. The news clip shows the city in the throes of a heat wave in 1925, and the methods—including sprinklers, hoses and ice cream—used by both people and animals alike to chill out.

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