Watch: Improv Everywhere turns a subway car into a talk-show studio

For its latest stunt, the NYC pranksters set up a late-night talk show on the N train—and invited commuters to be guests.

Improv Everywhere's Talk Show Subway Car

Improv Everywhere's Talk Show Subway Car Screenshot via Improv Everywhere

In the decade-plus that Improv Everywhere has staged pranks around New York City, the subway continues to appear as a background setting—stunts like High Five Escalator and, of course, the No Pants Subway Ride have used the transit system and its commuters as a stage.

The group's latest, Talk Show Subway Car, is no different: They set up a small late-night talk-show set, complete with a desk and branded mugs, at the end of an N train, and invited commuters to chat. We love the idea—you never know what sorts of interesting people are riding next to you, as the snippets of interviews prove.

Check out the video, embedded below.