Watch MTA sandhogs blast through solid rock (video)

Deep beneath Grand Central, construction workers are excavating new tunnels for the LIRR.

East Side Access project excavation

East Side Access project excavation Image: MTA

The only thing we like more than signs of progress on delayed developments is watching things blow up in slow motion. The MTA kills two birds with one stone—er, make that 300 pounds of explosive powder—in this video, which documents one of the final excavation blasts in the East Side Access project. Eventually, the tunnels created by these detonations (there have been more than 2,400 so far) will link the Long Island Railroad to Grand Central Terminal.

Check out the video (originally posted on Gothamist) to see the process in action, 160 feet below Grand Central; skip to 2:19 if you just want to get to the part where an 11-foot-high wall of rock goes boom at ¼ speed.

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