Watch new baby baboons cuddle at the Prospect Park Zoo (video)

Two Hamadryas baboons, born this summer, start to explore their habitat with a little bit of help from mommy and daddy

Prospect Park Zoo’s newest residents are two Hamadryas baboons

Prospect Park Zoo’s newest residents are two Hamadryas baboons Photograph: Julie Larsen Maher (C) Wildlife Conservation Society

We’re kind of obsessed with the new baby baboons who recently joined the Prospect Park Zoo's Hamadryas troop (that’s really what you call a group of baboons, we promise). The little squirts, both boys, were born just a few weeks apart, marking the second time in nine years that the zoo has welcomed new baboon additions. According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, the older primate has just started to explore his surroundings without parental supervision, and the younger one is expected to follow suit in the next few weeks.

The heartwarming video embedded below shows the little ones in various adorable moments with their parents: napping, riding on their backs or clinging to their underbellies for a stroll. What better reason could there be to take a winter visit to the zoo?

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