Watch: NYC mayoral candidates tell a joke (video)

The Daily News asked Joe Lhota, John Liu and other City Hall hopefuls to crack wise, and…well, they shouldn't quit their day jobs.

NYC candidates attempt to joke around.

NYC candidates attempt to joke around.

If we were to pick a mayoral candidate based on his or her ability to tell a joke, as evidenced by this video from the Daily News, well—we might courteously abstain from voting. But if you held us down and told us we had to pick someone or we'd get Bloomberg again, here's what we'd say:

First, before choosing, let's forget about originality of material. It's all hack. But it's not always easy to remember a good joke on the spot. Second, it hurts to listen to all of them, even if a little bit. Third, isn't it weird that two out of ten picked the same sad dad joke about a mushroom in a bar wanting to be liked? (Okay, maybe not so surprising.)

Funniest, purposefully: Kudos to Bill Thompson for the Bloomberg dig (even if the formulation of his "screw in a lightbulb" joke makes little sense), but the winner is George McDonald. Not because his joke about slippery politicians is great, but because he's a natural storyteller whose cadence and delivery indicate that he knows a little something about showmanship.

Funniest, accidentally: Anthony Weiner is the only candidate not willing to tell a joke (turning his profile to the camera, he says, "I'm not a jovial guy"). His refusal feels like a setup to the punch line that his career has become…again.

(h/t Daily News)

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