Watch perplexed NYC-ers try—and fail—to define a meme (video)

“It's…Grumpy Cat?” Gothamites can’t explain the nebulous Internet concept, but it’s pretty funny to watch them try.

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Memes are everywhere—not even President Obama can avoid them, and we have a feeling it'll be 2014's word of the year (2013's was selfie, for the record). But it seems that despite their ubiquity, no one in New York City is capable of explaining what they are, as the video embedded below demonstrates.

When Alex J. Mann, who writes funny things for BuzzFeed among other outlets, realized he couldn't hack a definition for the concept, he canvassed the streets and quizzed New Yorkers on the subject. The results? Meme has an understanding that can be described as, uh, nebulous at best. "Miley Cyrus is the one that's representing all the girls that wanna show it and wanna twerk it," said one very befuddled fellow. Umm, okay. Others went for more visual descriptors ("They're like pictures and you can put whatever you want on them"), some are just in denial ("I'd rather talk on the telephone with people"), and a sprinkling were honest ("Not a clue").

Readers, what does the term mean to you? Let us know your definition on the comments below.

(h/t Betabeat)

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